100 ft (30m) CAT5e cable, EXTERNAL (outdoors) & INTERNAL, 100% SOLID COPPER, Ethernet cable, CCTV,, 10/100mb, RJ45 Plugs, Networking Cable, DATA/LAN, Patch Cable


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Product Description:
100% solid copper core conductor: 0.51mm,
Colour-coded PE insulation,
PE jacket Operation temperature: -10°C to 60°C,
24 AWG UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair).

Pair Identification:
Pair 1 – Blue with White/Blue stripe,
Pair 2 – Orange with White/Orange stripe,
Pair 3 – Green with White/Green stripe,
Pair 4 – Brown with White/Brown stripe.

• Characteristic Impedance: 100ohms +/-15%,
• Capacitance: 14pf/ft nominal,
• DC resistance/Unbalance: 28.6ohms/1000’Max/5% Max,
• Dielectric Breakdown: 2500 Volts DC Conductor to Conductor,
• Nom. Velocity of Propagation: FEP=76%,
• Maximum Skew: [email protected] meters.

Product Features:
• 100% Solid Copper Cable
• $$$$ Value for money compared to cheaper CCA (Copper Clad Aluminium)/CCS (Copper Clad Steel) versions
• Moulded RJ45 plugs, ready for plug and play.
• Allows extensions to external rooms from current network

TIA/EIA 568b Standard
Fluke Tested

Also available from Cable Sourcing: Pre-made (with RJ45 plugs) CAT5e 10m, 20m, 30m; 305m (External), 305m (Internal); Pre-made (with BNC plugs) RG59+2 10m, 20m, 30m; 100m RG59; 100m RG59+2 and 100m Pro-RG59+2 suitable for HD / TVi / CVi / AHD / SDi.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money backIDEAL for connecting to CCTV devices, IP camera’s, Computer Networking cabling, Switches, Routers, Modems, Hubs, VoIP telephone systems, Smart TV, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, Satellite/Cable TV Box.
OUTDOOR and INDOOR use, constructed from high quality weatherproof (protects against water, heat and cold) PE jacket and UV resistant for long life and durability which allows for perfect outdoor use and burial, so why rely on a weak WiFi signal in the garden/garage when you could have a solid signal strength.
100% SOLID COPPER CORE 0.51mm, data speed (10/100/1000mb), RoHS Compliant, TIA/EIA 568B Standard, Fluke tested – professional quality for High Definition (HD). UTP (Un-shielded Twisted Pair), 8 Core with 4 twisted pairs (white/blue, white/green, white/orange, white/brown)
$$$$ VALUE for money for 100% solid copper cable compared with the cheaper CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum)/CCS (Copper Clad Steel) versions. Solid copper allows a much better connectivity and therefore better speed, data and picture quality.
EASY installation with moulded RJ45 connectors for plug and play, from your laptop direct to your router for the strongest signal strength. Also allows easy connection from the router to your Smart TV for live streaming, PlaySytation & XBox for on-line gaming or to extend your computer network around the office or home.



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